Adult DBT Program

Full Model DBT for adults 18+


Adult DBT Program

The TAP Clinic has a comprehensive adult DBT program. The treatment is conducted in accordance with fidelity to the model articulated by the treatment developer, Dr. Marsha Linehan , which means it contains all four modes of DBT therapy. These four modes are described below:

Individual Therapy:

Our Adult DBT requires that you see a DBT trained therapist. This person is a specialist in DBT and can help you implement the DBT skills in your life. Individual therapy is typically once weekly; however, you and your individual therapist will determine what best fits your needs.

Find out more about our DBT Adult individual therapy providers: Dr. Byars (DBT adult program director),                          Becca Edwards-Powell, Dr. Miller , Dr. Mochrie , Chloe Zachary,  Dr. Ritschel , Nicole Turner

Skills Group Therapy:

Our Adult DBT Group is a weekly, 90-minute group session with other individuals who are also participating in full model DBT. The goal of each group is to teach and review skills aimed at stabilizing emotions and reducing impulsivity. All individuals in our skills groups meet with an individual DBT provider, which is a requirement for eligibility. If you are seeing an individual DBT therapist at the TAP clinic, you are automatically eligible for our groups.


If you see an individual DBT provider outside of the TAP clinic and would like to join one of our groups, please contact us by email  ( to discuss intake procedures. 


We currently have one two comprehensive DBT Adult groups, one held Tuesdays from 11:00-12:30 and one held  Wednesday evenings from 6:15-7:45 . Both groups are held in the TAP clinic group room.

Phone Coaching:

Phone coaching is generally a DBT-specific service that involves clients calling their individual therapists when they are in need of some help. Phone coaching is done at no extra charge for our individual DBT clients (group-only clients would get phone coaching from their outside individual therapist). Each individual provider has different guidelines and limitations on phone coaching and this will be discussed during your orientation to DBT with your individual provider.


Consultation Team:

The consultation team is a provider-only meeting each week to provide consultation, training, and support to other DBT providers. Clients do not attend these meetings.


As part of our DBT program, please be aware that your individual therapist obtains consultation from the entire team and that relevant client information may be shared with team members. The current consultation team includes the following providers:

TAP providers: Nicole Turner , Becca Edwards-Powell , Chloe Zachary,  & Drs. Byars , Miller, Mochrie & Ritschel and UNC practicum student trainees

Learn More: 

You can learn more about what it means to be in a comprehensive DBT program and how to understand your therapist’s use of DBT skills and level of training in DBT by reading the blog post What Does it Mean to be in DBT Treatment.

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