Telehealth At Tap

Current and potential future clients at TAP will need to review the TAP Telehealth Information Sheet (available upon request) and provide written consent to participate in telehealth to their provider as listed on the attachment. If you are a current TAP client and have questions about telehealth, please ask your provider. Potential clients interested in completing an intake at TAP can direct questions about telehealth to


Your Telehealth Options at TAP

Individual, Couples, or Family Sessions via You may choose to hold your session using the HIPAA compliant video-conferencing platform that TAP has chosen ( If you and your clinician choose this option, you will be provided with a hyperlink to your clinician’s “waiting room.” At the time of your session, you will click the link and log in to your session and your clinician will start the video session as soon as they are able.

Individual, Couples, or Family Sessions via telephone. You may choose to hold your session via telephone. You will let your clinician know at which phone number to reach you. As this is not a HIPAA compliant option (see below for additional risks), TAP’s preference is that, when feasible, sessions are conducted via or another HIPAA-compliant platform. Please be aware that clinicians will use cell phones (not work landlines), which increases the risks associated with telephone privacy and security breaches that are out of TAP’s control. 

Group Therapy. For the time being group therapy will be conducted via a HIPAA-compliant website (, which utilizes Zoom technologies. It is possible due to platform technical issues or overload that your groups may be switched to a different platform. If this is the case, your group leader will notify you and provide any additional information or risks associated.

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