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COVID-specific Group Offerings

In response to COVID-19, the TAP Clinic is offering four short-term groups to help people cope with the stress and anxiety created by the pandemic. All groups will start the week of April 6 (days and times listed below) and will run for approximately 8 weeks, although we may extend the groups depending on client needs. Group meetings will be held via, a HIPAA-compliant online platform that utilizes Zoom technology.


To Enroll: Participants will need to complete intake paperwork electronically and schedule a short call with the group leader to confirm eligibility. Anyone interested in enrolling can email us at Enrollment will be capped at approximately 8 participants/families per group.  


Cost: We do not want financial barriers to prevent anyone from participating in these short-term groups. For our group sessions, we typically charge $75 per person per group for individuals, or $100 per family per group. For the groups listed below, we are asking people to pay what they are able to pay. 


ACT for Coping with COVID-19

Leader: Danny Merwin, LCMHC

Thursdays, 5-6p

Intended audience: any adult ages 18 and up


This group uses concepts of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy to help us open up to the difficult emotions that arise from COVID-19 uncertainty and isolation.  Difficult and uncertain times can create feelings of powerlessness, anxiety, frustration, hopelessness.  When combined with the inability to engage in our established coping strategies the emotions can become overwhelming.  Despite this, we can continue to move towards and have the things we care about. Living in accordance with our chosen values in any circumstance can be a powerful step in adjusting to our current situation. 

DBT Skills for Coping with COVID-19 pandemic

Leader: Becca Edwards-Powell, LCSW

Wednesdays, 10a-11:30a

Intended audience: any adult ages 18 and up


This group will teach skills selected from the DBT curriculum to address common issues individuals are experiencing during the current pandemic, including social isolation, boredom, anxiety, increased urges for destructive behaviors, and difficulties regulating emotions. Clients do not need to be enrolled in full-model DBT (i.e., do not need to have a DBT-trained individual therapist).


Behavioral Parenting Skills Group

Leader: Becca Edwards-Powell, LCSW

Mondays, 1p-2:30p

Intended audience: For caregivers who are experiencing challenges with parenting during the COVID-19 pandemic


This group will offer support and strategies for parents facing difficulties such as their adolescent’s social isolation, mood and behavior dysregulation, virtual learning, and daily structure. The group will offer parents a chance to learn behavioral and validation strategies to work toward keeping calm in the home environment. In addition, caregivers will have a chance to support one another and generate strategies as a group to alleviate the stress of parenting during these challenging times.


Resiliency Group: Teen Edition

Leader: Nicole Turner, LMFT

Mondays, 3-4:30p

Intended audience: High school aged youth

With a focus towards navigating social isolation, this skills group is geared toward teens who need help figuring out how to adjust to life during the COVID-19 pandemic. This group  will allow for peer connection while developing skills to address the various situations that have arisen during this unique time in our history. Topics will include: navigating the uncertainty of COVID-19, finding support while stuck at home, struggling to adapt to others’ schedules and sharing space, structuring life during an unstructured time, ensuring that protective factors are in place to maintain mental health, and managing relationships and friendships during social isolation. Groups will incorporate opportunity for group discussion and support, along with the teaching and implementation of skills pulled from DBT, ACT, and CBT

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