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Updated 5/1/22

The TAP Clinic is currently operating in a hybrid model: partially virtual (via telehealth) and partially in-person. Our waiting room is currently open and accessible to clients/families with in-person sessions.

-All DBT groups are currently offered via telehealth.

-Individual, couples, and family therapy sessions may be virtual or in-person, depending on client and provider preferences. Clinicians determine whether and under what circumstances they are willing to see clients/families in-person. If this is important to you, please make sure to mention this during the intake process so that we can match you with a clinician seeing clients in-person. 

-Most psychological assessments and testing, by virtue of necessity, are conducted in-person.


In-person sessions are guided by Durham county mask mandates and vaccination status. If there is a mask mandate in place at the time of session, all in-person sessions will be conducted fully masked. If there is no mask mandate in place, sessions may be either masked or un-masked as agreed upon with your provider. 


New patients can reach out to schedule an intake session by emailing us at or by calling 919-237-3321. Most new intake sessions are conducted virtually, unless you and the intake provider have agreed to conduct the intake session(s) in-person. 


Your Telehealth Options at TAP

Sessions via Zoom. We are using the HIPAA-compliant version of Zoom for all individual, couples, family, and group sessions. If you and your clinician choose this option, you will be provided with a hyperlink to your clinician’s “waiting room.” At the time of your session, you will click the link and log in to your session and your clinician will start the video session as soon as they are able.

Sessions via telephone. If Zoom is not available to you, you may choose to hold your session via telephone. You will let your clinician know at which phone number to reach you. As this is not a HIPAA-compliant option, TAP’s preference is that sessions are conducted via Zoom. Please be aware that clinicians will use cell phones (not work landlines), which increases the risks associated with telephone privacy and security breaches that are out of TAP’s control.

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