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Evidence Based Therapies

     Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP)

talk therapy

ERP is an active, approach-based therapy that helps you learn how to manage anxiety effectively, rather than living a life defined or limited by your anxiety

ERP helps you to approach, rather than avoid, prompts for anxiety, fear, or obsessions 


ERP aims to give you concrete skills to decrease avoidance, compulsive behaviors, or other problem behaviors used to manage anxiety


The TAP clinic currently offers individual ERP therapy 


What ERP is:

Exposure with response prevention (ERP) is an evidence-based treatment designed to help individuals experiencing Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) or severe anxiety. ERP has three primary components. First, the therapist helps the individual identify the prompts (e.g., what triggers your anxiety), internal experiences (e.g., what your anxiety feels like), and behavioral responses (e.g., how you cope or avoid) associated with the anxiety. Second, individuals are taught skillful ways to approach the prompts for their anxiety, fear, or obsessions. Third, individuals are given skills to decrease avoidance, compulsive behaviors, or other ineffective strategies that they typically use to manage their anxiety. The goal of ERP is to help people learn how to manage their anxiety effectively, rather than living a life defined by their anxiety. 

What ERP treats:

ERP is the gold standard treatment for severe anxiety (e.g., specific phobias, social anxiety) and OCD.  It is not unusual for individuals to engage in significant behavioral avoidance or compulsive behaviors in response to anxiety. While anxiety naturally brings on an urge to avoid, ERP believes that the avoidance is a short-term solution that eventually causes long-term problems (e.g., difficulties at work, in relationships). ERP has been specifically designed to address this pattern by approaching rather than avoiding anxiety and building tolerance to anxiety that helps people reclaim a sense of control over their lives.

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