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TAP Clinic Awarded DBT-LBC Scholarship

We are delighted to announce that the TAP Clinic was awarded one of this year's Michael Chambers Memorial Scholarships by the DBT-Linehan Board of Certification. This is a huge step in our progress toward obtaining certification as a DBT Program! What's so important about certification? Here's some information from the DBT-LBC website:

"The overarching aim of the DBT-Linehan Board of Certification is to provide to the public at large and to relevant stakeholders a source that clearly identifies providers and programs that reliably offer DBT in a way that conforms to the evidence-based research.  Clinicians demonstrate that they have the requisite knowledge and skills to deliver DBT with adherence to the model as developed by Dr. Linehan and colleagues.  DBT Programs demonstrate having the necessary components and organization to deliver DBT with fidelity to the model."

We are proud of our three DBT-LBC Certified Clinicians (Ritschel, Byars, Edwards-Powell) and are excited to take our next steps toward certification as a program.

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