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When Perfectionism Requires Intervention: Developing Self-Compassion

"I absolutely love helping individuals gain self-compassion. In my mind, it is the skill set that best helps us reach our goals without perfectionism. Self-compassion tends to be a very misunderstood concept - many people believe that self-compassion means letting ourselves off the hook and making excuses for our own behavior. Quite the contrary, self-compassion is, in part, about grappling with our mistakes and flaws in a very direct, aware way. Self-compassion provides a safe internal environment to aim high, fail well, and troubleshoot for next time."

In the third of her podcasts with SAS, Dr. Byars discusses the importance of developing self-compassion as a way to overcome problematic perfectionism. She reviews the use of self-compassion as a therapeutic approach and helps people understand when it may be time to seek help.

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