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Which SPACE Approach is Right for Me?

Updated: Mar 20

We are thrilled to offer SPACE Training in two different formats at TAP in hopes to make this evidence-based treatment as accessible to all. The following table highlights the differences between the two options.

Space Group

Video-Assisted Individual Course

What to Expect

  • 10 virtual small group sessions, once/week for 60 minutes to learn material.

  • Weekly practice of coping skills and tips on how to use them & introduce them to youth.

  • Bonus session on recognizing and addressing shame in our youth.

  • Able to schedule as needed individual sessions with group leader for any additional help desired.

  • Open to caregivers of youth 18 and below.

  • Receive TAP SPACE Parent Workbook and PDFs of all slides.

  • Access to core SPACE content broken into 15 videos each under 20 minutes. 

  • Able to schedule as needed individual sessions with a TAP SPACE provider for help personalizing and implementing the content to your family.

  • Easily access the videos through the Vimeo platform on your preferred device.

  • Receive TAP SPACE Parent Workbook and PDFs of all slides.

  • Open to caregivers of youth at any age, including adult children.

Benefits of this Approach

  • Hold yourself accountable to implementing SPACE by devoting time out of your week.


  • Learn from examples, questions and experiences shared by other families.

  • Ask your questions in real time as you learn the content.

  • Able to receive personalized written feedback on announcement and plan from TAP SPACE provider as part of group participation.

  • Complete flexibility allows all co-parents to learn the core SPACE materials at times that work for them.

  • Learn the core content of SPACE in the most cost- and time-effective manner.

  • Use time with individual providers for personalizing and trouble-shooting rather than learning the basics.

To inquire about upcoming group openings or start your individual, video-assisted SPACE journey, please inquire here. 

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