Psychoeducation is a term that refers to providing information about a mental health topic. It is a way to convey scientific knowledge, in an understandable manner, to people who can benefit from it. These types of workshops are brief, easy, (and fun) opportunities to learn about a topic related to mental health, emotions, or behavior. The instructors teach about important concepts, using videos, examples, and modeling to engage the participants in active learning. 

Psychoeducation is not group therapy; it is similar to a class. Information is provided in an instructional and educational manner (on a high level, without much or any personal information being discussed). Some people who participate in psychoeducation workshops are also in ongoing psychotherapy and others are not. In order to participate effectively, a person just needs to have an interest in the topic and a desire to learn about it. 

Some people who commonly participate in psychoeducation workshops are family members, professionals, and learners. For example, the family members of loved ones who struggle to regulate their emotions can often benefit from learning general scientific information about emotions. Professionals who regularly work with other people (e.g., attorneys, teachers, supervisors) can gain valuable information about how to relate more effectively to others. Other common participants are people who consider themselves “lifelong learners,” who simply find enjoyment in learning new information. 

Upcoming Psychoeducation Workshops:         

Thursday, February 18th, 7:30-8:30p

Enhancing Your Relationship Workshop: Becoming a Better Listener with Nicole Turner, LMFT 


Examples of Past Psychoeducation Workshops:         

  • Validation Workshop: Increasing Validation and Decreasing Invalidation

  • What is Borderline Personality Disorder? An Educational Workshop

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