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Broad Anxiety Resources A wonderful website full of evidence-based information on a huge
range of child mental and behavioral health topics
 Information and guides for understanding and supporting anxiety
in children, adolescents and adults. Includes great videos for all ages
Caretoons : Child-friendly cartoons providing psychoeducation on anxiety
ellness: Tons of psychoeducation resources and videos searchable by age range

Physiology of Fear- PDF

Miscellaneous Resources

Supporting Student Athletes with Anxiety

SPACE Book if you wish to cement learning in book form
Centre for Clinical Interventions: Great bank of evidence-based information and
resources for support geared more towards adults


Broad OCD Resources

IOCDF Website

Advocating for youth with OCD in School Settings

Understanding OCD- PDF
Understanding ERP for OCD- PDF

Thinking Errors in OCD- PDF


Coping Skills Resources Huge bank of downloadable PDFs for skills for parents to use with
youth as well as for adults
Space Coping Skills Supplement PDF

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