Intake Sessions for Individual Therapy (all modalities) $200-250

An intake session is the first session you have with any TAP clinician. At the clinician's discretion, these will either be 50 or 90 minute appointments. The intake process may take more than one session; however, additional intake sessions will be billed at the individual therapy session rate.

An intake session is designed to accomplish several goals:

1) To understand what type of treatment you want and the types of concerns for which you are seeking treatment

2) To determine goodness of fit between you and your clinician in terms of the clinician's expertise, the level of care we can provide as an outpatient clinic, and comfort/fit. It is important that you feel comfortable with your clinician and that your clinician matches your needs.

3) To begin to develop goals and a treatment plan.

Please be aware that an intake session is not an agreement to long-term treatment. If, at the end of the intake, you or your clinician feel that we are not the best fit for your needs, the intake clinician will make recommendations as to other treatment options, including referrals if needed. 


For questions or to schedule an intake appointment with any of our providers, please email the intake line.


     Email: info@tapclinicnc.com

Individual Therapy Sessions (all modalities) $170

After an intake, you and your clinician will develop a treatment plan specified to your needs and wants in therapy. Often this involves weekly individual therapy sessions, though, when appropriate, some clients are seen every other week or once monthly.

Group Therapy Sessions (Costs vary per group)

If you are interested in our group services, please be aware that each group has unique requirements and fees. Fees for the DBT-A group are $100 per week per family (i.e., the fee includes the adolescent and caregiver). Fees for the DBT-Adult group are $75 per week.


To learn more about our groups, click one of the following:

DBT Adolescent Multifamily Group

DBT Adult Group

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1) All TAP providers are out-of-network with all insurance carriers. 

We are happy to provide you with the paperwork needed to file for out-of-network benefits.


2) All services rendered are due in full at time of service.

If you would like to file for any out-of-network benefits you may have through your insurance plan, you may submit TAP clinic invoices directly to your insurance. TAP providers can provide this invoicing, but are not able to submit directly to your insurance. TAP providers can also not be paid through an insurance provider; you will be reimbursed directly by your insurance.

3) The TAP clinic and all of its clinicians cannot provide any information about your individual insurance carrier's willingness to cover out-of-network treatment.

Each provider (e.g., Blue Cross, Aetna, Cigna) and each individual plan (e.g., Blue Cross Blue Value vs. Blue Cross Blue Local) are different. If you are considering using your out of network benefits for TAP clinic services, we strongly recommend you contact your insurance provider to determine what out-of-network coverage you have. You will want to ask about deductibles, coverage rates for each therapy code, and percentage of fees covered out-of network. Treatment procedure codes used often by the TAP clinic are 90791 (Intake, non-prescriber), 90834 (Individual Therapy, 50 minutes), 90853 (Adult Group), and 90849 (Adolescent Multifamily Group).