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Evidence Based Therapies



talk therapy

CBCT is an active, present focused therapy that helps couples address current and potential future stressors

CBCT helps couples identify problematic patterns in their relationships


CBCT aims to give you concrete skills to help improve communication, collaboratively solve problems, and strengthen your relationship


The TAP Clinic currently offers CBCT for individual couples


What CBCT is:
Cognitive-behavioral Couples Therapy (CBCT) is an evidence-based treatment designed to help couples experiencing relationship distress, ranging from disengagement in the relationship to high conflict. CBCT is designed to help couples identify problematic patterns in their relationship, improve communication and problem solving skills, and address stressors stemming from inside (e.g., infidelity) or outside (e.g., loss of employment) the relationship. CBCT is an active, present-focused therapy in which couples develop skills to help them address current and potential future stressors in their relationship. In particular, CBCT places a heavy emphasis helping couples not only address problematic patterns, but also foster healthy patterns to facilitate a stronger and more intimate relationship.

What CBCT treats:
CBCT was originally developed to help couples address problems within their relationship (e.g., communication difficulties) and has since been adapted to treat other concerns, including infidelity and mental health difficulties (e.g., mood disturbance, anxiety and stress) among one or both partners. 

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