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Intake Process: A "standard intake" refers to intake sessions scheduled with our intake coordinator, who will connect clients with individual, parenting, couples, or family therapy providers. If you have an appointment for a standard intake with one of our intake coordinators, you will be asked to complete the intake paperwork on the patient portal. If you have any questions, please note them and speak with the intake coordinator at your intake session.

Group-only Intake: Some clients attend individual therapy with providers in the community and attend group(s) with TAP. If you are a "group-only" client, you will need to complete paperwork on the patient portal. Please be aware that group leaders will not schedule group intakes until the group-only intake packets have been completed and returned to them. 

Other Paperwork: The below are often requested forms that can be printed and brought to providers as needed. 

Client Portal: Existing TAP clients can access the patient portal here.


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