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Evidence Based Therapies

Behavioral Activation (BA)

talk therapy

BA is an active, present focused therapy that involves collaboration with your therapist to reach your goals

BA helps you identify and evaluate how your behaviors affect your mood and thoughts


BA helps you re-engage in an active way with your values and goals


The TAP Clinic currently offers individual BA therapy 


What BA is:
Behavioral Activation (BA) is an evidence-based treatment for depression and other mood disturbance. The goal of BA is to help individuals identify current behavior patterns, recognize ineffective behaviors (e.g., avoidance), and increase value-driven behavior. First, individuals are asked to monitor their daily activities while also tracking their mood. The therapist and client then collaboratively work together to discuss patterns of behavior that seem to be related to decreases or improvements in mood. Activities that improve a person’s mood and sense of well-being are identified, and the therapist helps the client engage in these activities. In addition, there is an emphasis on increasing behaviors that are associated with high ratings of enjoyment and importance as well as identifying new behaviors that align with personal values. These activities might include: spending more time with loved ones, going out to eat, exercising, working on a hobby, planning fun activities with others, reading, and completing chores. The combination of less isolation and more pleasant events typically results in significant mood improvements.

What BA treats:
BA has the most evidence in the treatment of depression (although a recent study suggests that it can be helpful for anxiety as well). When struggling with depression, it is common to experience sadness and a loss of interest in activities. This typically leads to a decrease in value-driven activities and behavior, which in turn results in worsening depression. BA has been specifically designed to break this cycle by gradually decreasing avoidance/isolation and increasing engagement in activities that align with personal values to improve overall mood. ​

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