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New Client Intake Process

Becoming a new individual therapy Client

To schedule an intake with any TAP individual provider, please email ( or call (919-237-3321) our intake lines. You will receive a return call or email from one of our intake coordinators. The intake coordinator will discuss our fees, policies, and procedures with you, as well as schedule you for an intake appointment should you request one. 

All intake sessions are 50-75 minutes with an intake provider. You will be asked to complete intake paperwork prior to attending your intake session. An intake session with an intake provider is not an agreement to treatment and your intake provider may not be your therapy provider. The intake process allows the TAP Clinic to fully understand your experiences, symptoms, and therapy goals in order to best match you with both the evidenced-based treatment modality and the clinician that best fits your needs. If your intake provider feels that you are not a match for the services we provide, they will provide you with treatment referrals in the area that better fit your needs. If your intake provider feels that we offer services that best fit your needs, they will schedule you with one of our individual therapy providers, which will be determined by a goodness of fit with clinician expertise as well as availability. If you have a preference for the type of therapy or a specific provider you would like to see, please let your intake provider know of these preferences and we will do our best to match you in this way. 

Becoming a new Group only Client

To schedule a group intake, you will need to contact the group leaders directly. Our group therapy page will direct you to the contact information for each group. You may also contact the main TAP intake lines ( or 919-237-3321) and include which group you would like to learn more about. 


Insurance and Fees

The TAP Clinic has spent considerable time weighing the pros and cons of insurance panels and has mindfully decided not to partner with any insurance. We realize that this has ramifications for our potential clients and this decision was not taken lightly. Our intake coordinators are happy to provide our rationale in remaining out of network and the ways in which we believe this allows us to offer the best evidence-based treatment possible to our clients.


Therefore, all TAP individual and group therapies are considered out-of-network with all insurance. Fees are considered "out-of-pocket" and are due at time of service.  However, TAP sessions may be submittable for any out-of-network insurance benefits you may have. Upon request, TAP clinicians can provide you with a monthly invoice of services that you may submit directly to your insurance. TAP intake coordinators, intake providers, therapy providers are not permitted to estimate or provide any speculation on what out-of-network benefits you may have or what fees your insurance may cover. Please contact your insurance provider directly for this information. Typical CPT codes used by the TAP Clinic are 90791 (Intake, non-prescriber), 90834 (Individual Therapy, 50 minutes), 90853 (Adult Group), and 90849 (Adolescent Multifamily Group). You will also want to ask about deductibles, coverage rate and length for each therapy (CPT) code, and percentage of fees covered out-of-network. 

Fees vary by provider and group. Please contact our intake lines to discuss out-of-network fees with an intake coordinator. A limited amount of sliding scale fees may be offered by licensed clinicians in eligible cases, which is individually determined by provider and type of therapy requested. In addition, all trainees (under the supervision of a licensed provider) operate on sliding fee scale. 

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