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Frequently Asked Questions


Q) What are the fees for your services?

A) Please contact our intake lines to discuss fees with an intake coordinator. All fees are "out of pocket" and vary by provider and service. Sliding scale fees may be offered in eligible cases, but vary by provider, service (individual vs. group), and treatment (DBT vs. CBT, etc). Our intake coordinators will be best able to advise you on the fees for the services for which you are interested. If you would like more information on TAP groups, please see our group treatment page.

Q) Do you take insurance?

A) We do not accept any insurance plans and are considered out-of-network providers for all insurance carriers. Your TAP intake coordinator or clinician will be happy to explain the various reasons why we have made this decision as a clinic. 


We can, however,  provide you with an invoice for services rendered, which is an invoice including all of the information your insurance carrier will need for out-of-network submission. You may submit this directly to your insurance for any out of network benefits you may have.


Each insurance provider (e.g., Blue Cross, Aetna, Cigna) and each individual plan (e.g., Blue Cross Blue Value vs. Blue Cross Blue Local) are different. If you are considering using your out of network benefits for TAP clinic services, we strongly recommend you contact your insurance provider to determine what out-of-network coverage you have. You will want to ask about deductibles, coverage rates for each therapy code, and percentage of fees covered out-of network. Treatment procedure codes used often by the TAP clinic are 90791 (Intake, non-prescriber), 90834 (Individual Therapy, 50 minutes), 90853 (Adult Group), and 90849 (Adolescent Multifamily Group).


Q) Is there a sliding scale or reduced fee for any of your services?

A) Yes, though this varies by group and by provider.


All graduate trainees offer sliding scale services. To learn more about graduate student services, contact our intake phone line or email and make sure to include that you are interested in graduate student services.


Outside of trainees, each individual provider and group leader will determine sliding scale eligibility and number of sliding scale spots. You may contact our intake lines or a specific group directly.  For example, the Adult DBT group has a few reserved sliding scale spots (contact ). ​


Q) How do I enroll in one of your groups?

A) Any current TAP clients enrolled in our individual therapy programs becomes eligible for our groups. In this case, your individual TAP provider would provide information and facilitate group entry.


If you see an individual therapist outside of the TAP clinic, please consult each group’s eligibility requirements and contact information, provided on our group therapy page

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