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Evidence Based Therapies

Complicated Grief Treatment (CGT)

talk therapy

Complicated Grief Treatment

 involves talking with your therapist about your symptoms of grief and the loss of your loved one. 

Complicated Grief Treatment addresses troubling thoughts, beliefs, or rumination

about a loved one’s death.


Complicated Grief Treatment 

teaches cognitive-behavioral skills

to approach (rather than avoid)

painful thoughts and emotions related to the loss of a loved-one.


The TAP Clinic

currently offers individual

Complicated Grief Treatment.


What Complicated Grief Treatment is:

Complicated Grief Treatment (CGT) is an evidence-based therapy designed to help individuals struggling with prolonged, intense grief reactions that do not subside naturally over time- an experience called complicated grief. CGT focuses on two particular pathways to help grieving individuals adapt to their loss. First, grief complications are identified and resolved; and second, treatment is used to facilitate and strengthen the bereaved individual’s natural adaptive processes. CGT is a brief, present-focused approach and sessions are structured similarly to cognitive behavioral therapy. There are several core themes in CGT, including understanding grief, managing painful emotions, thinking about the future, strengthening relationships, and understanding and living with reminders of the loss.

What Complicated Grief Treatment treats:

Acute grief, which is the mourning period following a loss, is considered an expected and healthy process following loss. Over time, these loss-related experiences evolve as a grieving individual adapts to the loss of their loved one. Adaptation doesn’t mean grief is over, but rather the thoughts, feelings and behaviors related to loss are integrated in ways that allow the grieving individual to remember and honor the person who died. Complicated grief occurs when something interferes with this integration and the bereaved person experiences intense emotional pain for very long periods of time and in ways that interfere with their day-to-day functioning. For these individuals with complicated grief, a future without their loved one may seem forever dismal and unappealing. CGT is designed to provide education and support for the grieving process and teaches cognitive-behavioral skills to address and resolve the issues that interfere with successful integration and adaptation of grief.


Psychotherapy and support can be helpful for those experiencing any form of grief- acute or complicated. However, the CGT protocol is specifically designed to directly address and intervene with complications with the healing process.

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